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Carrying forward the illustrious heritage of the Oddington Tea Estate, which traces its roots back to 1870, a group of English planters embarked on a journey from a charming Cotswold hamlet called Upper and Lower Oddington in Gloucestershire County, England. This picturesque region shares its borders with the Welsh County of Monmouthshire, where our family resides.

the present day

legacy of oddington


Presently, the Oddington Tea Estate is a privately owned haven nestled between the towns of Thalawakelle and Nuwara Eliya in the scenic highlands of Sri Lanka. It proudly stands as part of the esteemed Western high grown Tea Region, renowned as Dimbula. Situated approximately 4914ft above sea level on the Western slopes of the

Central valley, Oddington is blessed by the abundant rainfall brought by the South-west monsoon between May and September. However, the estate’s unique altitude and natural slopes bestow it with cool, crisp air during the day and chilly winds at night. This distinct microclimate imparts a captivating flavor and colour to the tea grown in Oddington, setting it apart.

This distinctive feature of Dimbula’s high grown tea region showcases the individuality of each tea garden, as they are shaped by their specific altitude and natural slopes within the valley. The resulting microclimatic conditions yield teas of unparalleled quality, and Oddington stands as a testament to this phenomenon.

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